Grassroots Leadership Institute Program Days

The 2014 Grassroots Leadership Institute is an opportunity for class members to deepen their knowledge of critical community issues, challenge themselves and their own assumptions, refine their leadership skills, and learn from one another.  Like other counties, Clayton County is facing critical economic, environmental, and social issues that require regional, state, and national leaders of all levels to work together. By the end of the program year, class members will have a more insightful perspective of the significant issues facing our community and how they may affect those concerns through their leadership and service.


Grassroots Leadership Institute Alumni Events

There is optimism brewing that Clayton County’s “second act” is waiting in the wings. Although our community continues to struggle with unemployment, poverty, and sinking home prices, among a myriad of other serious challenges, a closer look at the issues reveals considerable opportunity for improvement. How will Clayton County open the curtain on its second act and reclaim a prominent place on the state and national stages?

Alumni programs for 2014-15 will examine issues that are critical to “rebooting” the county wide area economy and placing it on a path for future prosperity.  Clayton County’s second act has the potential to be more exciting than the first—if leaders step up to address the matters critical to our long-term success. All member programs will include substantive discussion of a timely issue, a call to action, and a specific direction for how Grassroots Leadership Institute’s alumni can lead in addressing the relevant issues.